Marcelo Monreal Exhibit 

May 2016


An exhibit for the extremely talented, Brazilian graphic designer, Marcelo Monreal. Inspired by his late motherʼs theory that everyonesʼ insides consists of delicate flowers, Monreal creates iconic images revealing the human anatomy. 

“This whole story began soon after my mother died. When I was a kid, I was with my mother in the garden of our house in São Paulo. She was taking care of flowers and I was playing superhero. She told me to not run hard, not to fall and nothurt myself because she knew I bruised easily. I asked her what we were made of inside and she told me that we were made of flowers.” 

Monreal creates images of celebrities, models, and friends that expose their flowers beneath their exterior appearance. Utilizing the exhibition principles of isolation, articulation, and not articulation, a symphony of Monreal's pieces become experiential for the first time in "Marcelo Monreal".