December 2015


A man-made island with a stilt foundation that finds itself in the midst of Singapore’s Marina Bay. Unlike man-made islands that destroy eco-systems, offset currents, and hurt indigenous marine life, this hotel provides a filter that not only removes liter from the pool of water, but nourishes it so that marine life can inhabit the stagnate pond, and it creates a safe and clean source of water for the dense city. 

Singapore is a kaleidoscope of cultures, embodying European entities with blends of Asian influence. This allows this city and country to be the home to a multitude of religions, ethnicities, cuisines, languages, and despite their differences, form a unique mosaic that is open to any background and facet. Singaporean’s also have a lot invested in sustainability and replenishing the earth. This can be seen through their universal water conservation. they reuse reclaimed water whenever possible, establish protected areas for urban rainwater catchments and they employ freshwater reservoirs.Their passion for nature and the organic world is very prevalent even in a concrete jungle of skyscrapers. their architecture emulates this love for nature in industrial and abstracted renderings. Lush pant life and foliage can be found indoors and will be found in the airport being installed in 2016. With this new portal for travel and visitations, Singapore becomes the perfect location for a new, sustainable, cutting-edge, biophilic hotel.